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On September 17, 2006, a horrific triple homicide occurred in the unincorporated community of Pinyon Pines, California.  Pinyon Pines is located about 20 miles up the mountain from the Greater Palm Springs (Cochella Valley) area.  In this secluded neighborhood, Vickie and Becky Friedli, and Jon Hayward were killed in cold blood.  The killers burned the house down before they left, leaving a mess of a crime scene for Investigators.  The case went cold for 8 years before arrests were made.  Friends of Becky’s, Robert Pape and Cristin Smith were arrested in 2014, but charges were dropped.  They were arrested again in 2016, and in 2018 they were both tried and convicted for the triple homicide.  Smith and Pape have always maintained their innocence, and the Truth & Justice Army is now engaged in the case in search of the truth.

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